sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009

왜 한국어를 공부하세요?

Question: 왜 한국어를 공부하세요?
(Why do you study Korean?)

And my answer:

Writing it in Korean is difficult:
한국어에서 쓰기 어려워요.
I'm interesting in urban design and learn about other cultures:
전 도시 계획과 다른 문화에 대해 알기 재미있아요.
I love traveling and want to live in other countries:
저는 여행을 좋아해요 또 다른 나라에 살고 싶어요.
I had to make a decision, then I chose to learn Korean:
전 결정을 내려야했다 그럼 한국어 배우기 선택했어요.
Maybe later I'll Japanese and Chinese:
아마 나중에 일본어과 중국어를 배울게요.

This is the first time I answered to that question in Korean, and it cost me almost 1 ½ hours! Among search words, simplification of the original sentence, grammatical constructions learned review, search of some new ... All this for 5 sentences ...
I have already answered to the message and now I can only wait until I get it back corrected and with a question that'll probably take 2 hours to write.
But still, knowing he will return full of corrections, I am proud of my work, I tried to do my best...

Next time I'll write the corrections.
Thanks for read!

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