lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Gallery Korean Handwriting

I'm going to creating a gallery with Korean handwriting of those you like to participate.
It's good to see different fonts (Hangeul) since we usually only read hangeul from the computer or ourselves.
For now I already have the handwriting of Pa and mine, I will also that of my Korean friend with whom I exchange Spanish-Korean.
If you are Korean native I would be glad to received your handwriting also.
There will be no deadline, is a gallery which will grow over time.
I know many of you are now learning to write and know only a few letters or words, it does not matter, it is not necessary to write a text, you can just type "hello", "thank you" or any phrase of Basic conversation guide.
It will be great to see how your writing has evolved over time, right? there is no limit to the number of images to your handwriting or time limit, is something that will be permanent on the blog.

Dare you?

I hope the gallery grow a lot with your words!
You can send images scanned or photographed to

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